Handcrafted paisley brooch on beautiful, textured silk dupion, with embroidered detail and piping.


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Handcrafted paisley brooch on beautiful, textured silk dupion, with embroidered detail and piping.

100% silk INNER LINING 100% modal
Professional Dry Cleaning only
17" x 17"

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The Paisley is one of history’s most enduring textile and design motif. Originating in Persia (Sassanid Dynasty 221AD) and referred to then as the ‘boteh jegheh’, it was a religious symbol of the Zoroastrianists, representing the cypress tree - a symbol of everlasting life. It is a part of India’s textile legacy from its Mughal rulers. Known as the boteh or buta, this stylized pine cone design was widely used on Pashmina Jamawars (handwoven cashmere shawls) imported from Kashmir by the British East India Company in the late 18th century which became rather fashionable amongst the British aristocracy. These early imported Jamawars were prohibitively expensive, taking Kashmiri weavers eighteen months or more to weave the most intricate of these shawls.

In Scotland, the town of Paisley started replicating these designs, first on handlooms and then on mechanized jacquard looms and brought the popular Paisley within the reach of every English woman. The shawl and the pattern on it came to be known by the name of the town, and so the pattern has come to be known as the ‘Paisley’.

Aztaro’s design is inspired of these early Kashmiri Jamawars and reinterpreted for a haute Bohemian feel. The Paisley design itself is woven on a hand and foot shuttle loom by expert weavers. Modern appliqué stylizing on pure silk dupion completes the transformation of this age old, yet timeless, classic.

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